Monitoring Your Medication

When we have mental issues or other issues that are under the care of a doctor, they will typically prescribe us some form of medication to deal with the issues.  When dealing with a behavioral health center chester pa the drugs that they prescribe will have effects on our bodies and minds.  As such, it is vital that you know how to monitor your medications.

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Use a prepackage service

There are now prepackaged services out there that will take your medications and put them together for you.  How they work is you will contact them, go over your medications, have your prescriptions sent to them from your doctor and then when ready to be filled they will be placed in small packages that have dates and times on them.  This is a great service if you are not one to manage your medicine well.

Count your pills

When you receive your prescription, it is important to count your pills.  You want to do this before you leave the pharmacy and then again when you get home.  You will also want to do random checks on your medication to ensure that nothing has been tampered with.  When counting your pills you want to do it on random days and times.  You will also want to do it if you have people in your home without you there to observe them.

Lock up your pills.

Never leave your pills in a medicine cabinet or other exposed area.  It is important that you have a dedicated locked safe that you keep your medication in.  When you have this safe or other box it is important that you keep it hidden and away from others who could gain access. 

Don’t discuss your medication

Keep your lips closed as to what types of medications you are taking and any other information that could lead people to trying to get your drugs.  If people know your business, they will talk which could result in unforeseen circumstances.